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An Osteopathy Treatment Session always starts with a thorough Assessment.

The Manual Osteopath will look at posture, gate (= the way you walk), areas where pain occurs and he will look for area's where the range of is restricted.

Pain often is the result of a restriction in range of motion (often related to an injury or due to factors like a desk job).

This thorough assessment usually provides a clear picture on where the pain and restriction in Range of Motion occurs and what the underlying causes are.

Personalized Treatment Plan:


Every client is individual, unique and has different treatment requirements.

In general treatment plans are initially timed closer together (i.e. once per week or once per 2 weeks) to help with:


  • Pain relief.

  • Stimulating the healing process.

  • Observing how the body reacts to treatment.


As your body adjusts and you improve, we are able to stretch out the time between treatments.


One treatment can instantly give a relief of pain.

Other times it takes a couple of treatments to achieve a relief of pain.


It often takes a few more treatments to achieve a more permanent change in the underlying cause.

The frequency of treatments can be decreased after the client becomes pain free.


It is our commitment to enable you to live you life to the fullest.

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