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Frozen Shoulder, underlying causes and effective treatment:

Updated: Jan 19, 2023

The official name of frozen shoulder is .'Adhesive Capsulitis'.

With a frozen should usually one of the shoulders is very painful and the mobility of the shoulder joint is drastically decreased.

Usually, a frozen shoulder starts with some kind of injury to the shoulder.

Often an overstretched rotator-cuff muscle or a pinched nerve.

Usually, a frozen shoulder occurs in the non-dominant arm because not using the injured should is an option.

The lack of movement and usage of the painful shoulder causes a prolonged decrease in range of motion in the shoulder joint.

The joint capsule becomes stiff and rigid.

Treatment involves gently mobilizing the shoulder to increase the range of motion.

Frozen shoulder usually involves nerve-pain in the upper arm, chest and/or back.

Because of the gentle nature of Osteopathy treatment ultimately suitable to treat frozen shoulder and slowly increase the range of motion and decrease the pain.

Come and see us for a Manual Osteopath Treatment and let us help you stop the pain.

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07 de mar.

Can anything be done for a pinched nerve in the spine?

Marinus van Aarle
Marinus van Aarle
07 de mar.
Respondendo a

Usually the underlying cause for a pinched nerve is muscle tension. I would have to do an in-person assessment.

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