• Marinus van Aarle

Painful, numb or tingling fingers......underlying causes and and possible solutions

Updated: Jun 4, 2018

Many people suffer from pain in the hands.

Often there are a number of underlying causes which can include:

  • An Office Job or a very Physically Active Job (possibly combined with improper ergonomics).

  • An event that aggravated the pain. This can be an current or previous injury or a sudden stressful and/or physically active period (like a move of residence).

  • Nutrition (sensitivities to gluten or milk can cause pain in the hands for some people).

  • A pinched nerve.

  • Rheumatoid Arthritis.

  • Sometimes pain in the fingers is accompanied by pain in the shoulders, elbows or wrist.

A Manual Osteopath can be very effective in relieving pain in hands/fingers by:

  • Mobilizing the pinched nerve. The increased Range of Motion eases the pain in the fingers.

  • Giving advise on ergonomics (setup of office) .

Pain, numbness or tingling in the fingers is often related to posture and therefore an Osteopathy Treatment involves treating the entire body.

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