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Marinus van Aarle - Manual Osteopath
Marinus van Aarle - Manual Osteopath

Osteopathy for pain relief :

As a ​Manual Osteopath I use a gentle, holistic approach  that focuses on treatment of the body's structure, in order to optimize functions.

Manual Osteopathy is best known for pain relief from back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, headaches, sciatica, postural problems and sports or workplace injuries.

Osteopathy has an evidence based approach.

As a Manual Osteopath I practice from a Holistic Clinic in Downtown Ottawa.

I offer free parking during the treatment (on our private parking lot ).

As a Manual Osteopath  I treat (chronic) pain.

Life is balance in motion:

Restricted motion of one part of the body will eventually affect the entire body and lead to restricted movement patterns and pain.

Releasing these restrictions in motion enables the body to return to a healthy state of pain free functioning.

Osteopathy sees the body as an integrated functional unit.

A Manual Osteopath uses gentle stretching techniques to alleviate restrictions in the muscles and joints of the body.

Manual Osteopathy increases the range of motion and increases the blood flow to the treated area.

A treatment by a Manual Osteopath fights pain, joint restrictions and inflammation. 

As a Manual Osteopath I treat chronic pain.

Discover a non-invasive manual medicine  to have pain relief,

increase energy, improve mobility.


80% of Canadians suffer from back pain at least once in their life.

Back pain is one of the most common conditions in Canada, affecting men and women equally regardless of age.

Back pain can be felt anywhere in the spine, with the lower back being the most common area.


Some common causes of back pain include:

Sitting or standing for long periods.



Digestive problems such as constipation or Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

Menstrual Pain.

Limited Flexibility.

Muscular In-balance or Muscle Weakness.

Mechanical changes in legs, pelvis or thorax (possibly due to previous injury and/or surgery).


How can Manual Osteopathy help?


Osteopathy is able to assist in the management of back pain. Helping to decrease the duration of the pain and help lowering the likelihood of future episodes.


Osteopathy uses a range of different hands-on techniques aimed at:


Improving joint mobility.

Addressing mechanical Strains

Balancing Ligaments and Tendons.

Relieving Muscle Tension.

Decreasing nerve irritation.

Increasing Range of Motion.


Osteopathy is a gentle, manual approach to help people manage the physical stress office environments put on the body.

Prolonged postures, including sitting leads to strain of joints and muscles, muscular imbalances and overall tension.

For people spending long hours at a computer or desk, these strains can lead to considerable pain and discomfort.


Long hours sitting at a desk leaves office workers at high risk for a myriad of painful conditions, including:


  • Back pain.

  • Neck pain.

  • Shoulder pain.

  • Wrist pain.

  • Headaches.

  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

  • Daily Stresses.

  • Anxiety.

  • Fatigue.


How can Osteopathy Help?


Osteopathy is able to assist by:


Improving Joint Mobility and decreasing Ligamentous Strain.

Decreasing Muscle Tension.

Improving Circulation.

Providing advice on Breaks, Activity, Stretches and Muscle Strengthening.


As the body ages it loses elasticity and becomes more prone to injuries of soft tissues and bony structure.

Age related pain and stiffness is a common complaint, felt by many to be unavoidable and inevitable.

However it can often be managed effectively by Osteopathy.


Some age-related complaints that may be supported by Osteopathic Treatment include:


Back and Neck pain.

Pain and Stiffness in the arms or legs.

Generalized stiffness and lack off mobility.

Arthritis and joint swelling.

Balance Problems.


How can Osteopathy help?


Manual Osteopaths can help in maintaining health, mobility and vitality.

The natural aging process sees changes in all areas of the body, with one of the most noticeable being the musculoskeletal system.

The safe and gentle techniques of Osteopathy can be helpful in keeping the body healthy and prolonging vitality and independence by:


Improving Mobility.

Decreasing Stiffness.

Optimizing Circulation.

Increasing Balance.

Preventing further joint wear and tear.

Providing advice on activity and stretches.


Anyone participating in a regular training schedule requires their body to be working at capacity, regardless of whether the training is for pleasure or competition.


Osteopathy can identify and help correct

bio-mechanical strains, allowing for effective training and decreasing the likelihood of injury/re-injury.


Bio-mechanical discrepancies become more pronounced the harder the body is required to work and the more demand that is placed on it. Restrictions in joint motion and muscular flexibility will affect performance levels and may lead to injury or recurring injury.


Athletes of all levels can benefit from Osteopathic Treatment which can offer management and advice in chronic injuries and injury recovery.


Did you know?


  • Osteitis pubis is related to pelvic and lower limb strains.

  • Hamstring and groin injuries invariably involve low back or pelvic restriction and imbalances.

  • Knee pain is related to poor foot and ankle mechanics, thigh muscle tension and hip dysfunction.

  • Shoulder injuries can be caused by tension in the ribs, neck, shoulder blade and upper back.


Pain killers may only mask the problem. Unless you deal directly with the cause of your problem, further injury and joint degeneration will result.


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