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Concussions and Manual Osteopath Treatment

Updated: Jan 19, 2023

Moving forward after a Concussion:

The first two major facts about concussions are:

  • No concussion is the same.

  • A concussion often has Physical, Mental and Social consequences.

A concussion is bruising of the brain.

It often results from a slip and fall, a sports injury or a traffic accident.

Even if you are wearing a helmet (skating, skiing, biking, hockey or a motorcycle accident) you can get a concussion.

Activities that require people to wear a helmet usually have a higher risk of getting a concussion.

A brain with concussion needs time to heal.

A concussion can have Mental, Physical an Social consequences:

The mental consequences often consist of brain fog and trouble concentrating for longer periods. Depending on the area of the head that suffered the impact and therefor the area of the brain that is affected there can also be changes in mood.

The physical consequences can impact different parts of the body.

When there is head injury there often is neck and/or shoulder injury.

Next to having a concussion people often suffer from whiplash and/or rotator-cuff injuries. Also prolonged periods of inactivity during the recovery period can lead to general back pain.

The social consequences are often a result of a decrease in ability to enjoy social outings. Also the mental consequences (brain fog and changes in mood ) can also have social consequences.

As said, no concussion is the same. However each concussion usually has these three components (mental, physical and social consequences). And these three components can influence each-other negatively.

How Manual Osteopath Treatment can help:

A Manual Osteopath can help with the physical aspects of concussion.

Osteopathy is very effective at treating back pain , neck pain (whiplash injuries) and shoulder pain (rotator-cuff injuries). A Manual Osteopath can also give advise on ergonomics to help prevent further pain.

Manual Osteopath Treatment can also play a role in managing the mental aspects of a concussion.

People with a concussion often have a decreased bandwidth of optimal performance due to the combination of mental, physical and social aspects of the concussion.

Managing the physical aspects of a concussion injury and having less pain has an enormous positive impact on the mental and social aspects of a concussion injury.

Come see us for Manual Osteopath Treatment to reduce symptoms and speed up the healing process.

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