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Knee Pain.....Causes, and Manual Osteopath Treatment

Updated: Jan 19, 2023

Knee pain can occur because of a number of reasons.

The two major categories are Chronic Knee pain and Pain due to an Injury.

In case of an injury:

  • Take the load of the affected knee (elevate your leg).

  • Ice the affected area to prevent further swelling.

  • If necessary seek medical attention (diagnosis of sprain or strain)

  • Sprain is stretching or tearing of ligament ( Meniscus , ACL or MCL are affected).

  • It can lead to chronic pain in lower back.

  • Manual Osteopath Treatment increases Range Of Motion (ROM) and prevents chronic pain.

In case of chronic pain:

  • Knee pain can be caused by lower back pain/stiffness.

  • Sometimes there is inflammation in the knee joint due to Arthritis.

  • Often the Range Of Motion (ROM) in the hip-flexors is decreased.

  • Sometimes there was a knee or shoulder/neck injury in the past causing a decreased Range Of Motion and change in gate (the way we walk and move).

  • Manual Osteopath Treatment can increases Range Of Motion (ROM) and relieves pain.

Come see us for Manual Osteopath Treatment.

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