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Sciatica Pain / Piriformis Syndrome and Manual Osteopath Treatment:

Updated: Jan 19, 2023

Along with lower back pain many pain, many people experience nerve pain going down the leg (often either left or right but not both at the same time).

This pain is caused by the Sciatic Nerve.

The Sciatic Nerve is the thickest nerve in the body.

It goes from the lower back to the big toe.

Sciatica pain can have different causes (often occurring at the same time).

Often Sciatica pain starts with lower back pain (often caused by sitting and tight hip flexors), where the pain signal from the lower back follows the path of the Sciatic Nerve going down.

Another common reason for pain in the Sciatic nerve can be tightness/spasm of the Piriformis Muscle (which is located in the buttocks region.

Again prolonged sitting and/or driving or a sports injury can cause Sciatic Pain caused by the Piriformis Muscle.

Manual Osteopath Treatment is very effective in treating Sciatica pain because it is a gentle treatment and the entire body is treated.

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