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How Manual Osteopath Treatment can treat Neck Pain

Updated: Jan 19, 2023

Neck pain is a common condition treated by a Manual Osteopath.

Neck pain can have a number of causes.

Sometimes there was some kind of injury.

Sometimes the cause can be lifestyle (like an office job) or stress.

In this blogpost I will outline the associated symptoms and causes of neck pain, tips on how to avoid neck pain and how osteopathy can help.

Symptoms of neck pain

  • Pain in the neck.

  • Limited Range Of Motion in the neck (difficulty looking sideways over the shoulder).

  • In some cases associated jaw pain.

  • In some cases Migraine headaches.

  • Pain in upper back.

  • In some cases fatigue and/or trouble sleeping.

Causes of neck pain

  • Traumatic injury (like whiplash injury). And old injury can sometimes still lead to occasional pain years later.

  • Muscular issues. Some muscles in the body can be too tight, leading to neck pain.

  • Pregnancy. Hormonal changes and weight gain during pregnancy can lead to neck pain.

  • Lifestyle including an office job can lead to neck pain.

Tips on how to avoid neck pain

  • Make sure your office is stet up correctly (have your computer screen at eye height).

  • Make sure you have a good office chair.

  • Take a 5 minutes break and get of your seat at least every hour.

How can a Manual Osteopath relieve neck pain

Often there is a 'Tightness' in certain muscles with an associated restriction in 'Range Of Motion' (ROM).

The gentle mobilizations and stretches of a Manual Osteopath can increase the 'Range Of Motion' and relieve the pain in the neck.

A Manual Osteopath can also provide tips on good ergonomic setup of an office.A Manual Osteopath can show certain specific stretches that help against neck pain.

Relieve of pain in the neck is often fast after one or two treatment sessions.

Come see us in our Downtown Ottawa Clinic for Manual Osteopath Treatment.

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