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Manual Osteopath Treatment and Chronic Pain Relief

Updated: Jan 19, 2023

Chronic pain can be very stressful. Either the pain or the anticipation of pain occurring in the near future is always there and can have an enormous effect on a persons life.

Small habits can either have a positive or negative effect on pain.

Certain habits can have both a positive effect or a negative effect (e.g. Working out can both relieve or cause back pain).

When people are in pain it can be difficult to break the negative cycle and become pain free (pain leads to less movement and reduced range of motion which in return leads to pain).

Manual Osteopath Treatment can be a very effective tool to manage chronic pain.

An Osteopathy Treatment has the opposite effects to the pain cycle an therefore breaks the cycle of chronic pain (Osteopathy Treatment increases range of motion, reduces pain and makes it easier for the person to move, increased movement then in return keeps the range of motion larger and helps the person stay pain free).

People with chronic pain can often stay relatively pain free with an Osteopathy Treatment once a month.

Come see us in our Downtown Ottawa Clinic for Manual Osteopath Treatment.

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