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Manual Osteopath Treatment and Hip Pain

Updated: Jan 19, 2023


Pain in the hip can come from a number of reasons.

  • Hip pain can come from an injury like a strained or overused muscle.

  • Hip pain can also come from the hip joint itself (Osteoarthritis and/or Rheumatoid Arthritis).

  • One of the most common reason for hip pain is a decreased range of motion in the hip-flexors which can lead to hip pain and associated lower back pain.


Osteoarthritis and/or Rheumatoid Arthritis are very common after a certain age.

Osteopathy cannot cure Osteoarthritis or Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Osteopathy can however be very effective at easing the symptoms and enabling a person to stay mobile and pain free.

Decreased range of motion of the hip-flexors is one of the most common causes for hip-pain and lower-back pain.

Manual Osteopath Treatment for this type of pain is very effective.

The gentle stretching techniques lengthen the tight muscles and increase the range of motion.

This enables a person to move pain-free.

Come see us in our Downtown Ottawa Clinic for Manual Osteopath Treatment.

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