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What is better for Back Pain, Heat or Cold?

Updated: Jan 19, 2023

Back pain can be stressful and painful.

It can occur seemingly randomly (often affected by things like stress, work and activity level). For other people it can be a regular occurrence (often related to a previous injury).

A Manual Osteopath can help with random or chronic back pain.

But what to to before you have that appointment for Osteopathy Treatment?

An Ice-pack or a heat pack can both be helpful in managing the pain (but in different circumstances).

Cold (application of an Ice-pack) can be very helpful initially. Cold reduces inflammation (which often is a factor in case of lower back pain) especially when there is a muscle strain.

Heat on the other hand can stimulate the long term healing process.

Application of heat increases the blood-flow to the affected area, which in return speeds up the healing process.

Come and see us for Manual Osteopath Treatment to reduce your pain, increase Range Of Motion (ROM) and increase energy.

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