What to expect from an Osteopathy Treatment Session

Updated: May 24, 2018

An Osteopathic Treatment restores Balance in the body. Pain in the body usually comes from a restriction in range of motion. An Osteopathic Treatment Session always starts with a thorough analysis where tight area's are (Reduction of Range of Motion) and where Pain occurs. Maybe hips or shoulders are tight, resulting in pain in hips, lower back, shoulders, arms and hands or neck.

During the treatment session a Manual Osteopath uses hands-on mobilizations to gently stretch the tight areas.

Always wear comfortable clothing to an Osteopathic Treatment Session.

What to expect after Osteopathic Treatment

After an Osteopathic Treatment Session the areas of the body has regained flexibility.

The area's of the body that were tight now have a higher flexibility (increased Range of Motion).

Often there is an instant reduction in pain-levels after the treatment. Often the pain has disappeared completely after the treatment. Sometimes it takes a couple of treatment sessions to get the optimal result.

The healing continues after the Osteopathic Treatment Session. The increase in Range of Motion has a positive effect on the body (increased mobility and better posture without pain). These positive effects result in easier movement and better posture which in return result in even more positive effects.

Sometimes the body can be a little sore after the treatment session. This soreness is comparable to soreness after sports activity. This soreness is nothing to worry about. The muscles that were tight have been stretched a little (addressing the underlying cause of the pain treated).

What can you do yourself after the Osteopathic Treatment

Make sure you keep well hydrated after an Osteopathic Treatment Session (drink some water).

Making sure you are well hydrated helps the body to heal.

In case you experience some soreness after the treatment, a warm shower or bath can help to keep the muscles loose and help the body heal.

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